Who are the people behind Zanshin Tech?

Zanshin Tech

Although Zanshin Tech was born in Italy, its internal structure is respectfully inspired to the one used in ancient martial art Ryus.

The school's headmaster is in charge of the entire discipline and oversees the correct transmission of the method and its growth; he can issue ranks, diplomas and teaching licenses. These documents are subsequently recognized by the Zanshin Tech Social promotion Association which updates the National Records and publishes the list of authorized teachers.

The headmaster is supported by the most experienced masters, whom he consults on a regular basis.

Some of these masters can be authorized to officially represent Zanshin Tech and thus have the right to speak on behalf of the discipline. Such licenses can only be issued by the headmaster.

Masters are divided in ranks and receive a teaching license qualifying them as Coaches, Instructors or Masters, depending on their level of experience.

There is also a normal hierarchy of practitioners, from the eldest teacher to the most recent student.

In Zanshin Tech any practitioner (known as Digital Warrior) has the right to propose new techniques or new methodologies to the headmaster: our discipline deals with the digital world and must therefore be able to adapt quickly to the continuous technological and social changes.

Zanshin Tech Social promotion Association

The Zanshin Tech Social promotion Association is the organization built to foster the development of the methodology and to promote Zanshin Tech.

The goals of the Zanshin Tech Social promotion Association are:

The Dojo

The Dojo is the place where Zanshin Tech is taught.

Zanshin Tech cannot exist as a simple on line course or as a corpus of knowledge to acquire: The purpose of this method is to shape the minds of practitioners and this can only be done with a constant commitment and the guidance of a good master.

For this reason the Zanshin Tech Social promotion Association keeps the list of masters who have received a teaching license.

You can find the full list of authorized dojos in the Where to find it page.

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